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Infrared Sauna

Allow relaxation to begin in our beautiful sauna prior to
your treatment(s). Indicated for detoxification, weight loss,
pain relief, reducing inflammation, building immune
function, & strengthening the cardiovascular system.
Also helps to relieve acne, eczema, & psoriasis.

$1 per minute

BelleCore Bodybuffing

Add 15 minutes to your favorite service & we will use
the BelleCore bodybuffer to warm & soothe muscles,
exfoliate skin to a silky smoothness, diminish
the appearance of cellulite, & improve circulation.
This will help you look & feel better in the buff!

15 minutes $15

add Eminence Cinnamon Paprika Body Lotion
or Coconut Firming Body Lotion

Oscillating Vibration Therapy

Whether you are physically fit or a non-exerciser,
overweight, suffering from stiffness, aches & pains, or
recovering from an injury, almost anyone can enjoy the
benefits of this machine. You only need 10 minutes
to stimulate your metabolism & get the blood circulating
throughout the body. The Vibration 360 takes pressure
off your joints & feels like a full body massage!

$1 per minute


Trager Approach

Gentle movement to create the feeling of freedom and
lightness in the body, easing pain, reducing stress,
increasing mobility and balance, releasing habitual patterns,
improving athletic performance, and supporting a greater
feeling of awareness and well-being.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $70 | 90 minutes $100

Migraine Miracle

Proprietary treatment that can eliminate or dramatically
reduce most headache symptoms. Synergy of cold
stone therapy, aromatherapy, & trigger point release
will decrease pain and blood vessel swelling.

20 minutes $25 | 40 minutes $50

Neck & Shoulder Massage

Client is fully clothed on a massage chair while specific
muscles in the upper back, neck, & shoulders are kneaded.

$1 per minute

Swedish Massage

Relax while we do full body work to ease muscle
tension & let stress melt away.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100 | 2 hours $130

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep, specific work to remove toxins from muscles
& restore circulation.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $70

90 minutes $100 | 2 hours $130

Hot Stone Therapy

Heat combined with the weight of smooth stones allow
for deep relaxation during this exhilarating massage.

45 minutes $65 | 90 minutes $115

Bamboo Massage

Melt away stress with gently heated, smooth bamboo.
This technique is used for kneading tight muscles
and rolling out tension.

45 minutes $65 | 90 minutes $115

Couples Massage

Need a Table a Deux? Enjoy a blissful hour of
side-by-side massage with your sweetie.

60 minute side-by-side $140

add a special picnic
60 minute side-by-side with picnic $175

Prenatal Massage

Swedish massage is performed on the mom-to-be
which aims to relax muscle tension & improve
lymphatic, as well as blood circulation.
Common discomforts associated with skeletal
& circulatory changes are addressed.

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $70

Body Treatments

Body Renewal

Whole body exfoliation, body wrap, & rehydration.

60 minutes • $80

Ultimate Wellness

Whole body exfoliation, body wrap, & rehydration
with a full body massage.

2 hours • $150


Honey Heel Glaze (FarmHouse Fresh)

This divine honey-based moisture serum seals in moisture
& brings rich color back to tired feet. Add to any service
for an instant pedicure with cinnamon, cloves, honey,
aloe, pineapple, & papaya extracts! • $5

Agave Nectar (FarmHouse Fresh)

Want a glistening bod? Allow us to apply agave nectar,
made with a special blend of extracts tested & proven to
reduce the rate of your skin’s water loss. Barley, sandalwood,
& amurense bark combine with agave nectar to deeply
hydrate without a greasy after feel. • $5

Clementine, Citrus-Cilantro, Honey-Magnolia, or Red Hot Shandy Oil (FarmHouse Fresh)

Envelop your body with these beautiful vitamin-rich oils. • $5

Massage Souffle (Eminence)

Add to any massage to take hydration to the next level.
Choose from blueberry soy or pear & green apple. • $10

Spa Etiquette

We kindly request that you silence your phone before entering the spa. Our wish is to provide a relaxing, tranquil environment for every guest.

Arrive early & enjoy a complimentary beverage while you begin to relax in one of our inviting waiting areas, or browse through the boutique! Late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time.

If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment please notify us 24 hours in advance out of consideration for your therapist. If you fail to cancel or show up for your appointment you
will be responsible for paying the full service fee.

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